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Emma - Junior HS Student Round Rock, TX

Search and connect with any mentor of your choice in our network.


Get coaching on how to apply to college.

Get sponsored to help you to pay for college tuition, room and board.

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Sara and Hector - Parents
San Antonio, TX

Start saving early to help your child get a college degree.

Set up a college fund.

Receive donations from family, friends or sponsors to your child’s college fund.



Brandon - UT Dallas / Major in Engineering Dallas, TX

Offer coaching services to students or parents about what to study, which college to apply.

Share your own story and success.



The Jones’ - Sponsors Chicago, IL

Sponsor a high school student to fund his/her colleges expenses.

Contribute into a college plan to fund a child’s college education

Help a teen avoid getting a Student


What students and parents are saying...

Emma, Senior, Round Rock, TX

“I connected with a Dell Medical School graduate. He helped me understand the courses I need to take during my undergraduate program in order to get into Med school.”

1001-UT Austin.png

The University of Texas at Austin

Major in Engineering, Biology, Advertising, Business Analytics, amongst others.


Austin is a fun and full of life city.


Over 52,000 students enrolled during Fall 2022 at UT Austin.

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